Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Just some random stuff I had in my phone...I wish I had a real camera to get that willow tree better. All creepy with blackbirds perched on the branches. That sticker under it tells the truth. Your jeweler AIN'T shit!
Then my long lost Aunt nancy was in town last week. I haven't seen her since I was maybe 10 years old! That pup is Mr Sugar one of my sister Robyn's little dogs. She has about 4 of them now and a crazy bird that bites me whenever I come over.
And last but not least, that skinny as hell mannequin was thrown out on my block. Do you know how much willpower it took me to not bring that thing home with me??
I had death flu 2000 for over a week and I feel okay now which means I can start going out again. Yay! I guess I am ready for the fall. I did a lot and saw a lot this summer and have about 4 projects going on with John and the band so I need to buckle down and find work and just put some dough towards putting out the albums and books we have been working on.
Our new album comes out Oct 29th and I am so excited! I mailed about 100 copies off the various people and magazines for review and that also means we get a check from our distro coming in every few months or so if it sells well. DOLLAR BILL YA'LL!!

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