Saturday, December 7, 2013

First Review of our new album in Sing Out Magazine!

Argh! I haven't posted here in so long! I hate winter so in order to resist staying in too much I have been going out every night but I forget my damn camera at home all the time. Plus, it doesn't fit in my bloody cleaver bag first!
Things are so so very good though! Except for still not finding a job, all is swell. Cd's and vinyl are sold out. Our distro said the pre-orders were overwhelming and now we are pressing more of almost everything. So amazing! I signed up for french classes at the Language Center in Chelsea...and John and I have some projects coming up...his book...getting our gig at the Brooklyn Folk Fest professionally filmed to try and sell to PBS...putting out the Old TIme Radio Show after we go to Europe in the will be our podcast but we will all talk about music while crumb plays his best 78's...we will get a crumb cover for it and put it out in the fall. If it sells the way Chimpin' the Blues is selling we will be thrilled. Jack White got a copy of Chimpin' and was ecstatic it existed.
Anyshmuck, here is a short little review of Take A Look at That Baby in the famous Sing Out Magazine! CLICK THIS!

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