Sunday, December 22, 2013

I have been really busy and also drunk!

Fuck almighty I have not been on here for two weeks! And it's so warm out and it's 2am and I am home hungover as hell from last night's party at Csquat and shenanigans after. I have been busy though I have not blogged about it. REST ASSURED I HAVE BEEN OUT ALMOST EVERY DAMN NIGHT but ONLY after I work on my guitar lessons and do some writing! Maybe after some more editing I will begin to post some random excerpts on here. Though Shia Labouef may steal it AHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, ripping off a famous cartoonist like Daniel Clowes and thinking no one will notice? Is he out of his mind? Dan is also a nice guy and i have met him a bunch of times so Shia is just a real psycho.
AnyPunk, on one of the coldest days of the month Pete Missing of Missing Foundation fame had an outdoor on the ground art show on Avenue A and east 5th st. It was so so cold I managed to last maybe two hours before running for Rays to thaw out. Then a few nights ago at Morus Museum and Csquat Sturgeon of Leftover Crack fame played an acoustic set at artist Eric Drooker's slideshow..Drooker also busted out his banjo.
Then at Josie's bar I was given a few pieces of candy from the biggest damn box of candy I have ever seen in my life. I have also gained about 8 more lbs and this makes me VERY UPSET so my diet and work out regimen begins on the 26th when i get back from CT with John. Salad and sushi will rule my life...along with red wine and vodka too. All of those things are good for you!
2013 was a stupendously successful year for me and i think the next one will be even better. So many great things happened and are still happening now(like the dozen or so lp's sales i woke up to today!) that I cannot even list it all but man...2012 was all bad decisions and psychos controlling me and being sort of lazy...2013 was all about music, writing, love, wonderful friends and the most success my band has seen yet. I will just pretend that 2012 did not happen!

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