Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Live band for holiday sing-a-long at Sophie's Bar.

My friend Joey and I went to Sophie's Bar last night to see the live band playing christmas tunes for a while. They handed out lyric sheets even! It was getting crowded when we left and was a pretty fun crowd. One might even go so far as to say they were both "holly" AND "jolly!"
AnyStuff, here are a few pics and videos which came out way too dark yet are bursting with holiday cheer! Heading to CT for two days to eat junk food and watch Bad Santa 100 times with John's mom and sister. Too lazy to rotate the sheet music pic but you can see they have the Dreidel song!

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  1. Glad there's a sing-along, cause the only thing I hate about Sophie's (besides the "league nights" where I can't count on being able to play pool) is the fact that when people aren't using the jukebox there's no fucking music. Kills the vibe so much. They'd do so much better if they just kept some music going when people weren't using the jukebox! Drives me crazy.