Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ray's 81st Birthday party with cake and strippers!

It was Ray's 81st birthday party last night and his friends got together to get him his annual cake and strippers! Once again, Ray had four girls dancing for him on the counter this year and the acts just get more and more fun. There was a sexy clown AND a hula hoop this time around!
As I peeked into 7A which was dark and locked up having closed for good the night before I realized how happy I am that Ray's is still open. He had quite a few close calls in the last two years but with so many standing up for him and looking out for his well being he managed to stay open. Avenue A is slowly losing its battle against gentrification and Ray's being open for business means that much more to me and to all people that come and get silly in his store for him. Here are some videos I managed to take during the shenanigans...due to my lack of height I am there is a lot of upskirt action so it's a good thing the girls had no clothes on!

Monday, January 27, 2014

OWS Art Show plus assorted oddities.

Okay, I am a slacker but January has been a freaking crazy month for me! I think someone dosed the NYC water supply cause things are nuts. OFF THE HOOK DADDY-O! But in a good way..
AnyFunk, there was a small protest at the McDonalds next door to Coal Yard and the workers were demanding the right to unionize. Then there were some flowers taped on poles down 2nd ave..I took a pic of one of the bouquets.
Fuck Day Jobs in the Coal Yard bathroom...as it was 4am and i was still there drinking I tend to agree!
I snapped Jim the Mosaic Man doing his thing on St Marks..
ABC News was in front of the 9th precinct talking about the rape that took place on east 7th st right around the corner from me. I get followed home sometimes by creeps but as soon as I turn down my street and they see the cops cars they leave in a hurry. Cops are good for something I guess! There are a few officers I really like at the 9th actually.
And some words of wisdom about our genitals. I haven't gone to that website yet as it's most likely some art students project that will annoy me. Oh! and Moonstruck Diner is temporarily closed! No!
And lastly, three videos of some performers at the Occupy Wall Street Art Show at the Bowery Poetry club last night. That place is so fancy now it's hard to remember all the insanity that went on when it was open before.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I can't stop watching Weather on the Ones.

I have to watch Weather on the 1's because what if it says it's going to be 65 degrees than it suddenly changes and it is going to be 8 degrees and I am out dressed like a slut? WHY GO OUT AT ALL IF THE WEATHER BE ALL CRAZY AND SHIT?! Just kidding. Actually this winter is going really well. We are starting to book some gigs for spring since John's work will let up a little. We are still selling our merch like crazy online and in stores. Every few weeks we get an email from RedEye asking for more Chimpin' the Blues Lps and CDs. This was such a good idea...putting this out. Everyone who buys it then goes on to buy our new album too.
AnyDudeBro, here are some photos of things. I keep getting called to work on some craptastic new show On E called Songbyrd. But I stopped doing extra work so I don't call back. They shot a scene in tompkins and all over the hood including the soon to be closing 7A. I am so sad they are closing. I eat there three times a day. Dammit.
The we have a clever sign. Oh the laughter! AHAHAHAHA! A punny magazine with ads for men's grooming places...a cake someone actually did leave out in rain on east 6th st during one of those downpours this week. I felt so bad for it.
Some HILARIOUS graffiti on a sign about rat poison in the area...and a new hebrew shirt for the Tompkins sculpture!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The 15th Annual Mr. LES Pageant!

Well it was so damn cold last night and I was in a rush to get there and get warm so I forgot to charge my camera and my phone was also too full to use much BUT here are some blurry pics and a few videos from one of the best events of the year! Reverend Jen's Mr. Lower East Side Pageant. Complete with swimsuit and evening wear competition..and "best man tits" and of course BEST NUTSAC.
So here is a glimpse of the basement of Cakeshop last night. Matthew Silvers, a known street performer around town ended up being the big winner! Wish these were all better quality and not so dark but there were a ton of cameras there so I am sure there are a lot of great photos on the old interwebs of technology. The second video from the bottom is the winner being crowned..and showing the audience ALL OF HIS GENITALS PLUS BUTTHOLE.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Quick post about Old Time Radio Show and 2013.

So, East River Records released Chimpin' the Blues a few months ago and we press the Cds and Vinyl as the orders come in from our distro. We are on pressing number three now so this is pretty great! And it will be getting some publicity this month on the radio I think which may make sales go nuts. It is already selling out constantly.
We decided, John and I that is, to put out our own similar album this summer. John's Old Time Radio show has more and more followers every week. He puts a new one up on the first of the month and I will link the latest here...I joined them on this one and it's hilarious. They rag on me in between playing Crumb's amazing 78's and talking about music. John and I fight for half an hour about ghosts and other stuff. So Crumb said i should be in all of the podcasts we will be doing in July. Comedy relief and also he thinks it's good to have a girl in the mix. I really enjoyed being a part of this so I agreed.
We will be recording a special podcast this summer and hopefully putting it out in Cd and vinyl format. Crumb cover hopefully. It will be called John's Old Time Radio Show and we hope it sells as well as Chimpin' is!
Here is a link to the newest podcast out today..Crumb. John and I arguing and listening to music in France. (bottom of the post)!
2013 was the best year I have ever had I think. In terms of creativity, great friends, and musical success. 2014 is going to have all kinds of exciting stuff happening, much of which we are lining up now. Travel, new album, possible book from John, gigs, another comp of John's 78's..it goes on and on. Compared to some of the drama and bad choices of 2012, not to mention the utterly evil psychos I allowed to manipulate me...2013 was one million times better than 2012. Live and learn from the past though and one thing about lunatics is they are ever entertaining to write about. The few people I have shown my scribblings too could not believe some of the stuff I wrote was true...but it is!
I set some goals for myself for this new year and basically it's just keep on doing what I did in 2013 but push even harder. Love to all my readers out there! Here is the funniest podcast yet! Click the link below!

Old Time Radio Show