Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I can't stop watching Weather on the Ones.

I have to watch Weather on the 1's because what if it says it's going to be 65 degrees than it suddenly changes and it is going to be 8 degrees and I am out dressed like a slut? WHY GO OUT AT ALL IF THE WEATHER BE ALL CRAZY AND SHIT?! Just kidding. Actually this winter is going really well. We are starting to book some gigs for spring since John's work will let up a little. We are still selling our merch like crazy online and in stores. Every few weeks we get an email from RedEye asking for more Chimpin' the Blues Lps and CDs. This was such a good idea...putting this out. Everyone who buys it then goes on to buy our new album too.
AnyDudeBro, here are some photos of things. I keep getting called to work on some craptastic new show On E called Songbyrd. But I stopped doing extra work so I don't call back. They shot a scene in tompkins and all over the hood including the soon to be closing 7A. I am so sad they are closing. I eat there three times a day. Dammit.
The we have a clever sign. Oh the laughter! AHAHAHAHA! A punny magazine with ads for men's grooming places...a cake someone actually did leave out in rain on east 6th st during one of those downpours this week. I felt so bad for it.
Some HILARIOUS graffiti on a sign about rat poison in the area...and a new hebrew shirt for the Tompkins sculpture!

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