Monday, January 27, 2014

OWS Art Show plus assorted oddities.

Okay, I am a slacker but January has been a freaking crazy month for me! I think someone dosed the NYC water supply cause things are nuts. OFF THE HOOK DADDY-O! But in a good way..
AnyFunk, there was a small protest at the McDonalds next door to Coal Yard and the workers were demanding the right to unionize. Then there were some flowers taped on poles down 2nd ave..I took a pic of one of the bouquets.
Fuck Day Jobs in the Coal Yard it was 4am and i was still there drinking I tend to agree!
I snapped Jim the Mosaic Man doing his thing on St Marks..
ABC News was in front of the 9th precinct talking about the rape that took place on east 7th st right around the corner from me. I get followed home sometimes by creeps but as soon as I turn down my street and they see the cops cars they leave in a hurry. Cops are good for something I guess! There are a few officers I really like at the 9th actually.
And some words of wisdom about our genitals. I haven't gone to that website yet as it's most likely some art students project that will annoy me. Oh! and Moonstruck Diner is temporarily closed! No!
And lastly, three videos of some performers at the Occupy Wall Street Art Show at the Bowery Poetry club last night. That place is so fancy now it's hard to remember all the insanity that went on when it was open before.

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