Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Quick post about Old Time Radio Show and 2013.

So, East River Records released Chimpin' the Blues a few months ago and we press the Cds and Vinyl as the orders come in from our distro. We are on pressing number three now so this is pretty great! And it will be getting some publicity this month on the radio I think which may make sales go nuts. It is already selling out constantly.
We decided, John and I that is, to put out our own similar album this summer. John's Old Time Radio show has more and more followers every week. He puts a new one up on the first of the month and I will link the latest here...I joined them on this one and it's hilarious. They rag on me in between playing Crumb's amazing 78's and talking about music. John and I fight for half an hour about ghosts and other stuff. So Crumb said i should be in all of the podcasts we will be doing in July. Comedy relief and also he thinks it's good to have a girl in the mix. I really enjoyed being a part of this so I agreed.
We will be recording a special podcast this summer and hopefully putting it out in Cd and vinyl format. Crumb cover hopefully. It will be called John's Old Time Radio Show and we hope it sells as well as Chimpin' is!
Here is a link to the newest podcast out today..Crumb. John and I arguing and listening to music in France. (bottom of the post)!
2013 was the best year I have ever had I think. In terms of creativity, great friends, and musical success. 2014 is going to have all kinds of exciting stuff happening, much of which we are lining up now. Travel, new album, possible book from John, gigs, another comp of John's 78' goes on and on. Compared to some of the drama and bad choices of 2012, not to mention the utterly evil psychos I allowed to manipulate me...2013 was one million times better than 2012. Live and learn from the past though and one thing about lunatics is they are ever entertaining to write about. The few people I have shown my scribblings too could not believe some of the stuff I wrote was true...but it is!
I set some goals for myself for this new year and basically it's just keep on doing what I did in 2013 but push even harder. Love to all my readers out there! Here is the funniest podcast yet! Click the link below!

Old Time Radio Show

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