Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ray's 81st Birthday party with cake and strippers!

It was Ray's 81st birthday party last night and his friends got together to get him his annual cake and strippers! Once again, Ray had four girls dancing for him on the counter this year and the acts just get more and more fun. There was a sexy clown AND a hula hoop this time around!
As I peeked into 7A which was dark and locked up having closed for good the night before I realized how happy I am that Ray's is still open. He had quite a few close calls in the last two years but with so many standing up for him and looking out for his well being he managed to stay open. Avenue A is slowly losing its battle against gentrification and Ray's being open for business means that much more to me and to all people that come and get silly in his store for him. Here are some videos I managed to take during the shenanigans...due to my lack of height I am there is a lot of upskirt action so it's a good thing the girls had no clothes on!