Saturday, January 4, 2014

The 15th Annual Mr. LES Pageant!

Well it was so damn cold last night and I was in a rush to get there and get warm so I forgot to charge my camera and my phone was also too full to use much BUT here are some blurry pics and a few videos from one of the best events of the year! Reverend Jen's Mr. Lower East Side Pageant. Complete with swimsuit and evening wear competition..and "best man tits" and of course BEST NUTSAC.
So here is a glimpse of the basement of Cakeshop last night. Matthew Silvers, a known street performer around town ended up being the big winner! Wish these were all better quality and not so dark but there were a ton of cameras there so I am sure there are a lot of great photos on the old interwebs of technology. The second video from the bottom is the winner being crowned..and showing the audience ALL OF HIS GENITALS PLUS BUTTHOLE.

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