Sunday, February 23, 2014


Okay so maybe it's not really a big deal but since I am traveling a lot this year John got me a Macbook Pro laptop! So instead of sitting at home half asleep trying to write something here I am now at the Bean with some friends writing this! Having this is going to change so much. I can write in the park on the grass...I have all my iTunes stuff I need to listen to and learn on it. My french lessons too. It means I will blog more on BOTH my sites. I made a private online journal where I started transferring some of the writings I have been doing lately on to. It's private because it's just for me to see and work on right now. Also, I talk about people who look at this blog. All kinds of stalkers  read this according to my tracker. Some of them many times a day. I guess they are bored and/or paranoid but whatever! They can spy on my adventures and gigs and stuff all they want to. The more the merrier!
These pics are in my phone right now..nothing too exciting. I went to a crazy show at C the other night and am still freaking recovering. That pic with my phone info on it(heh! ME DRUNK!) is my bestie Erin spinning fire while a band played. My friend Shayne is under her pic looking very deep and thoughtful. The first pic is a review by Tony Russell for our release Chimpin' the Blues in Mojo Magazine! So great! No wonder sales went up so much lately!
Then the garbage art door..and a Ukraine memorial set up for some that have perished. Shit is nuts over there and I can't believe the photos and footage I have been watching.
AnyWhoo, Don't make fun of my 4G phone please!

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