Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Spring you ding dongs!

I know it's not warm out every day yet but John and I just booked our spring and summer trips pretty much and I am just excited about the fact that IT JUST HAS TO BE WARM OUT SOON DAMMIT!
Here are some sure signs of spring...I went to Union Square with John and did my annual dancing with the Hare Krishnas. Oh the fun we had!
Then I found my new favorite princess throne on the street sans bedbugs.
Some weird graffiti about aliens...and the liquor store now sells E! AND THEY DELIVER!
It's too nice out to be in so out I go in search of wine and women..after practice to course. Gigs coming up soon! Must get better...all this E i just ordered should help.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Random as random can be...

It is still winter but I am basically ignoring that fact and going on with life as if it's springtime. Because it will be soon Soon SOON!!! And i am so excited! We leave for SF and LA for about a week after playing a few gigs with R Crumb who is coming to NYC on April 13th. I consider that the start of my summer travels though I will be back here until July probably.
That blurry pic is a review we got for Chimpin' the Blues in Mojo Magazine which is awesome. Our sales went way up on that release lately and i think that is why. The top pic is the chalkboard at Veselka on 2nd ave.
The red pic is of a metal show I went to at Csquat last weekend...was hilariously fun! And hey look! The cops flyered a cop car on my block!
Things are going really well and that stopped me from having any seasonal depression crap. When it was too cold to go out I just worked out at home, studied French or played music. We have a new album coming out once again somewhat soon...and an album that will be a podcast a la Chimpin' the Blues but with John, Crumb and I. Everyone I am hanging out with these days is working hard on their writing, acting or music and it's inspiring me to keep up with them and really work on making things happen. I always miss NYC in the summer when I am gone so long so I may come back early to enjoy the hot grossness of NYC summer....but I will likely stay in Europe and visit friends in London or hit Barcelona or Amsterdam. It's nice to have friends that live all over the world.