Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Random as random can be...

It is still winter but I am basically ignoring that fact and going on with life as if it's springtime. Because it will be soon Soon SOON!!! And i am so excited! We leave for SF and LA for about a week after playing a few gigs with R Crumb who is coming to NYC on April 13th. I consider that the start of my summer travels though I will be back here until July probably.
That blurry pic is a review we got for Chimpin' the Blues in Mojo Magazine which is awesome. Our sales went way up on that release lately and i think that is why. The top pic is the chalkboard at Veselka on 2nd ave.
The red pic is of a metal show I went to at Csquat last weekend...was hilariously fun! And hey look! The cops flyered a cop car on my block!
Things are going really well and that stopped me from having any seasonal depression crap. When it was too cold to go out I just worked out at home, studied French or played music. We have a new album coming out once again somewhat soon...and an album that will be a podcast a la Chimpin' the Blues but with John, Crumb and I. Everyone I am hanging out with these days is working hard on their writing, acting or music and it's inspiring me to keep up with them and really work on making things happen. I always miss NYC in the summer when I am gone so long so I may come back early to enjoy the hot grossness of NYC summer....but I will likely stay in Europe and visit friends in London or hit Barcelona or Amsterdam. It's nice to have friends that live all over the world.

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