Saturday, April 19, 2014

Playing the Brooklyn Folk Fest at The Bellhouse with Crumb tonight!

Okay, so since Crumb got in last week things have been nuts! In a good way...we played a warm up gig at Jalopy wednesday, ran to be on NPR's SoundCheck show Thursday morning, did a two hour podcast for John's Old Time Radio Show last night, got a small mention in the Wall St Journal,
and tonight we head to the Bellhouse to play at 6:45pm with Crumb, Dom Flemons and more! Amazing times and we head to the west coast on wednesday for over a week...
So here are a mess of pics from my iPhone from this particular order..and a link you can cut and paste to our set on NPR which is still getting us tons of emails, comments and new fans since it aired last night.

Here is a link to NPR set:

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