Monday, May 5, 2014

Back in NYC! Csquat shows and farewell to the Speakeasy...sniff...

I have some pics of my adventures from the last two weeks...from our shows and from SF and LA trip which was AWESOME where we went to check out 78's and hang out somewhere warmer...I will post some of that stuff next time. So much going on since I got back and I missed some of it...Mayday marches, Pot's just too much shit happening every day. But I did hit two shows that were at Morus Museum/Csquat last night then afterwards we all headed to Vito's Speakeasy next door to dance until the sun was up practically. Vito is the best...always free drinks for the squatters..he always refused to charge anyone who came by from Csquat...always had some treats for the dogs when people would sit on the stoop in the spring. Always the nicest guy. I hadn't been there in over a year but last night was such a was packed with people dancing to salsa, pop and hip-hop. They ran out of beer and had to keep running out to get more. So sad to see it go. Another neighborhood staple bites the dust. And this whole Mars Bar coming back is just bullshit. It will be like the new Bowery Poetry Club. Red rope, menu with fancy foods and exotic overpriced cocktails with the saved bar and juke box as museum pieces. Better if it does not come back with that name. It's just a tease and depressing as hell.
Anyway, here are some pics from the show at Csquat along with some videos including a sort of salsa band and more..and one video from the crazy dancing going on at Speakeasy. I am pretty damn tired and hungover so they all kinda suck but well, TOO LATE YOU ARE ALREADY READING THIS CONSTANT READERS!

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