Monday, June 2, 2014

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I leave for France/Spain/possibly UK or Rome or wherever the heck I have friends at in 5 weeks and I am way behind in WEIRD PICS posts but now I am trying to get ahead. Get it? A HEAD BECAUSE I POSTED PICS OF SEVERED HEADS! AHAHAHA! Wow, those improv comedy classes at UCB really paid off, huh? Whenever I see improv classes in Tompkins doing the "yes, and..." bit I feel vaguely ill. Why don't they post jokes on twitter like a normal crazy person?
AnyBoobs, here is Dave at the dog run with one of his famous t-shirts on. Actually I wanted to get a photo of the one he had on yesterday where everything was spelled wrong but my new phone lets me take about 10 photos before it is out of storage space. If I deleted the 15 minute long video of the BRO puking into the street during SantaCon it would probably help but why on earth would I do that? I told Dave to look at this post so if you are reading this HEY DAVE I AM READY FOR KAROAKE THIS WEEK AS LONG AS WE DO ELTON JOHN AND KIKI DEE!
Then there are the heads on sticks. There were more than these three but my phone had no room so this is all I have. One was across from my place and when I tried to freak John out by making it peek out of the closet I was told I had to put it back on the street where I found it and that it probably has bedbugs. Look at that face! She doesn't have bedbugs! She's been to the clinic and our love is clean!
I have no idea what is up with those but I would like to see more of them. In NYC and all over the world if possible.
Then I walked by Coyote Ugly which they are renovating and I snapped a pic of the last piece of graffiti on the wall before they painted over it. Maybe they weren't allowed on the bar but I get the feeling a lot of dicks were allowed in that bar.
And another pet sign but this one is a cat that has been found so there goes my theory about aliens taking all of our cats. I did not deface that sign with that dirty dirty comment because I am not that kind and I don't use words like that you cock sucking vagina penis fuck taint scrotelick fart dick dorkel dufus!
I don't know if there is a special sale on or what but I have seen some pretty bad personalized license plates around the LES and EV lately and here is one example of that. Yeah it IS a bummer that I am going to come back later when I am blacked out drunk and key your car!
Just kidding if any cops or the owner of that car is reading this!
I need to do a post about my friends gallery closing party in brooklyn last week and I will do that in a few days but right now I am annoyed that the grass in Tompkins is closed. It is usually open by now and it is not closed because they reseeded it. It's so lush that it's overgrown now and needs to be mowed. I don't think they are opening the grass this summer at all. No films are being shown and if you hop the fence the cops say to leave or they will give you a $50 ticket. My theory is that its part of the Clean up Tompkins BS and they are sweeping any areas where the crusty kids can sleep and hang out in. But it's really irritating. Everyone is tanning on the ground outside the fence and all the hula hoopers look sad and lost. I like practicing guitar and writing in the grass and I can also hide from nut jobs in there that I may not want to see. Dog Run is good for that too but I really wish they would just open it up. I intend to write my congresspersons about this, start an online petition, write a 500 page manifesto, shout about it at Union Square through a bullhorn or maybe just ask one of the park gardeners about it. Who's fucking park? Their fucking park! Thank, Obama!

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