Thursday, June 19, 2014

NYC has Big Thing!

Look at all these lovely photos! Who doesn't want to eat a burger from a half priced sushi place with ramen noodles on top of it? That is at Zen sushi on St Marks whose cheap prices just went up by quite a bit so they are not so cheap anymore. This is a sad day. I want my dead raw fish half off dammit!
I won't be in NYC on Sunday to see the Strawberry Shortcake eating contest but I am sure it is going to be a swell time! That is at the Avenue A Farmer's Market.
At Tompkins, that guy in stilts went to play basketball with some kids and was not welcomed so he stilted his way out of the park. Now that the grass is open he should have just layed out in the sun and tanned his wooden legs to a fine oak brown.
The bottom pic is of some art that was being sold on 2nd ave and 1st st the other day. Seems like vendors are just setting up shop in random places now which is nice to see. Above that is who knows what. Someone ripped that dolls head off and tied it around that pole and it wasn't me. Weird!
And well...that lonely sign is up all down 2nd ave and I have no idea if it is real or not but I think it is a joke/prank sort of thing. If it's not..well that is pretty sad. And strange. And please let this person not have my phone number!

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