Sunday, June 29, 2014

Some Summery Stuff and LIQUID WEED.

MEIN GOTT! I leave NYC for much of the summer one week from tomorrow! I can't wait! I have the hot weather I wanted the last few weeks and the week ahead and I am running around every night seeing friends and making merry. In between buying stuff I need for Europe and getting all loose ends tied up. Everything is working out perfectly including the fact that I not only have a TAN now but I am back to my regular weight after working hard all winter and spring to lose what I gained. In fact, some guy just told me i am too skinny now and my head is too big for my body and they miss my giant butt. Yay!
Wow, that pic that is first is HUGE and it is of my mom who was stopped on the street to pose for some Advanced Modeling site. She is upset it is older women but was happy about all the comments saying how hot she looks. Sigh...
I have video from the rent freeze rally at Cooper...and pics and video from the Drag Parade at Tompkins but just don't have the time to upload it now. Hopefully before I go I will get around to it.
In the meantime here are some summer pics for you, constant readers of my shit.
A guy with a hotdog stand was across from Ray's the other night but he was nice and when I screamed at him he said he loved Ray and went there when he was a kid and he would probably move to another corner. Then we made sweet sweet love amongst the summer sausages. Okay, that part didn't happen. I think. I was drunk so who knows.
Then all these weird "stunt cars" were lined up by Crif Dogs. They said I could get in one but that didn't sound NOT TERRIFYING so I just took a pic. There were maybe ten of the things.
Someone threw out their EDIBLE ARRANGEMENT plant thingy. And someone else scored a puppy calendar to cuddle with.
There is a sign to be careful of the baby hawks that may be flying around the park up at the dog run and best of all there is now a Cannabis Energy drink! Now who would laugh at that buxom young stoned beauty? She just wants to chillax and drink liquid weed. Is that a sin? I cannot wait until weed is really legal and the crazy ads are everywhere. I am sure the companies got them raring to go.
Great taste, half the calories and twice the paranoia!

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