Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer Summer Summer! And the Mystery Trail of Donuts.

Fuck spring! It's 85 degrees all week, I am already tan, I dropped about 20lbs since January and I am ready for ONE BILLION DEGREE WEATHER. You read that right. No rest until we are all on fire!
Of course, as soon as it gets hot in NYC the number of crazies on the streets multiplies ten fold leaving me to wonder where were all these people over the winter? Did they vacation in the virgin islands? Did they see the weather forecast here, drop their drinks with the umbrellas in them and hop on a plane so they could be here and run down the street with their pants down screaming? I hope so!
AnySpooge, that pic on the bottom is a book about 78rpm collectors and John is the entire first chapter. Haven't read the whole thing yet but kinda fun to see us described in print with a mention of our band and everything. It comes out July 8th-this is an advance copy. She KEENLY OBSERVES that I am "striking" looking and have a 90210 pencil case and lots of vintage clothing. So basically this is the best book in the world and the most truthful! Well, it is the best book except for the book John is going to be writing which Abrams Publishing is putting out. So excited! Its going to have two CD inserts too. One of us and one of the random old time bands from his 78 collection. Probsbly no Crumb cover but Robert may do the intro. So John and I will both be writing at the same time all summer, fall and winter and into next year. Plus, his literary agent likes my stuff too!
Then we have the Ribbon Man of union square above that. He is there every day usually with a big ribbon blanket set up doing who knows what with all those ribbons. I suppose this is what is called a Ribbon Rager. He enjoys spinning around in circles a lot too. Also, he is my hero.
THEN last week I saw a mysterious thing happening by the 9th precinct. This person ran over with a box, took some items out of the box, strewed them about and left the entire thing in front of the cop shop.
When I walked over to see what it all was about LO AND BEHOLD they had left a trail of bagels and donuts leading up to the entrance of the police station. I think this is a pretty nice thing to do in case people can't find the entrance and need some help.
The donuts looked freshly made and the bagels were plentiful. Sesame, onion, plain...I was so excited and confused by all the choices that I didn't eat any of it. It was simply overwhelming and I had to go lay down with a cool compress on my head for the rest of the night.

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