Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Barcelona! Parc Guell and Las Ramblas.

We are now in Barcelona! Planned this trip while in NYC, booked the hotel and bought train tickets while in France and now having a great time. I love when I plan something out form just a passing thought and suddenly I am here! Hotel is one block off the main strip in the Ramblas so it's quiet at night...has wi-fi, cheap and awesome. Today we went to do one touristy thing and saw Parc Guell and the Gaudi art. Pretty freaking cool! The we walked around the area at night for hours and man is it amazing here. Just as great as I heard if not more so. Roman buildings everywhere next to the best tapas and bars. Street kids and crazies galore and everyone parties all damn night. I posted a ton of pics here cause I have so many more to put up plus tomorrow we hit the famous Encants flea market which i am excited about. Then I made all of John's dreams come true but finding a movie theater we can walk to that plays Planet of the Apes in english. HE IS FOREVER IN MY DEBT!
This is a nice break from Sauve and when we get back there it's all beach, waterfalls and music until we leave on the 15th. What a great summer. I love traveling and seeing new countries if only one small part of it. Then i get to run wild in NYC and make up for all my sobriety here by getting wasted for a month straight!

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  1. That first pic is flashing Audrey Hepburn for some reason.....pic of you & John SUPERcool!.......selfie right below it is a bit weird......and I always suspected that you were a helplessly-devoted amante de los arbolesde transexuales (at least John knows now).