Friday, July 18, 2014

First post from France! Paris and Sauve pics, yo.

Le blog! Le blog! Well, I am now in he land of freedom frites and having a great time!
Went to Paris for a few days and found the crazy Museum of Anatomical Oddities that is on one floor of a vet school. Got to see many gross things in jars of formaldehyde and lots of two headed animals. Top pic is of a flayed man on a freaking horse. I love going to places and finding all the weird stuff to do.
Then there are some pics of the big waterfall we go to in Ganges which is popular and crowded but beautiful. There are lots of others where no one is there at all but we like sitting underneath the waterfall which you can do if you crawl around the rocks and get behind the water coming down. That is Le Vis, which is the cleanest water in France apparently.
Then that shot of the SUPERMOON or whatever people were calling it does not do justice to how amazing it looked here when that huge red moon was out. It looked surreal, like I was looking at a painting of the moon.
Then there is Sophie and I hanging out in La Place the small center of the village where people come and drink and watch bands in the evening.
And then there's John and Crumb listening to 78s in Crumb's room for hours and hours and hours.
We will be doing a lot of podcasts from that room soon and recording stuff for out new album too.
Heading to Marseille to go out on a boat and swim this week then will be hitting Barcelona just to walk around and see the city. And I can sort of speak Spanish so that will be something kind of cool. My french is pretty much a mix of Spanglish and made up words.

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  1. Those two MAO pics, you've got a look on your face like "See what I can do?"
    You really ARE some kinda Goddess.......juuuusst a bit scary :+)