Friday, July 4, 2014

Important questions! Plus my mom and I drawn by R. Crumb!

What a great last week I have been having in NYC! The weather was awesome and I needed a few rainy days as I am behind in packing and getting ready to go to France for the summer. So much stuff going on I would leave my place to go out for an hour and come back at 5am as the sun came up. 
But I caught up the last few days and I will be ready to leave July 7th. So excited! We will be recording and doing lots of podcasts with Crumb, two of which we are putting out as a CD and vinyl album. We will be playing some gigs of course and most likely will hit Barcelona for kayaking and snorkeling. Thinking about hitting Amsterdam or London but they are expensive trips and man do I want to snorkel and kayak! I have an invite to see Budapest from a friend who is in a film that is being shot there but that too is a big trip though that would be insanely fun too! 
AnyDurp, the top 3 pics are from yahoo answers I think..people are actually paid to answer insane questions like this! I am going to apply for that job when i get settled in Sauve. They have tons of different writing jobs on this website, it's freelance and it pays well. And you can work from anywhere in the world which I would LOVE as I travel a lot. 
The next two pics are of my mom when she was young and did some modeling. She is the one with the big hoop earrings on and the high necked blouse. Bottom pic is a drawing R Crumb did of us from a photo Aline Crumb took at Veselka's. My moms already crazy brain is EXPLODING from all of this attention lately though she said her boobs are NOT THAT BIG IN REAL LIFE.
I have had enough partying, drinking and running around like a maniac in the heat for now and am ready to go to France and get some fun work done and see more of Europe. 
John's official book proposal to Abrams Comic Arts publishing goes in this week and will be in consideration after the 10th of July. If this goes through I will be helping John put this postcard book/sheet music book together and it will be out by spring and man I do hope it goes through! Pitching limited edition hardcovers of this book too with a real 78 of our music pressed and included in it. Fingers crossed!
So many good and impressive things happening for us lately starting with the gigs with Crumb in April and the NPR appearance and it feels great. 
And I CANNOT WAIT until Art and Beauty comes out next year with this drawing in it! 


  1. Is this my first post in your blog? FOR SHAME! I should be reading this daily, but I'm not that much of a snoop, and on top of that I'm a lazy reader. And writer, but I attribute my writing laziness to my horrendous typing ability, which is zero. This I know. But the one sure thing is that your amazing Slum Goddessness doesn't outshine your slum humourous-ness. I could never top that sharp wit that you have, That cever, clever ishness that puts stalkers to shame. That rises you up to the top of the blog heap. You're the bestest ;-)

  2. hey what up Mystress!? Not much to snoop here...vacation pics right now..event and weird random shit when I am in nYC...hopefully my book is the real writing not this blog!
    love ya!