Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back in NYC! Here are some pics and videos from gig in France!

I am back in the big, stinky rotten apple! Nice to be back when it's still warm out but feels weird to not be in the little medieval village now. I have to wear shoes and don't have to try and speak french and no one is kissing me 3 times on the cheek every day when I see them. Sniff. Man, I love it there. What a fantastic summer I have had...played music, went to Spain, went on a boat in Marseille to swim in the bluest water ever. Waterfalls, beach, great food...I only gained 4 lbs and I lost 2 already. THIS MAKETH ME HAPPY! Next year it's the Queen Mary 2 to the UK, London visit, south of france for a month and Lisbon in the middle with the Crumbs for sun and flea markets and 78s. I can't wait already!
Here are some pics from the show we played with Sophie's band Les Sauviettes at the amazing Crumb gallery. Some video of all of us too together. Great night! We did 4 podcasts..or maybe 5 with Robert. Recorded a bit...finished our double CD/album podcast. Damn, I am so freaking lucky. Love the Crumbs. Love Sophie and the kids. Love the friends we made there. Such a weird, artsy crazy little scene! I feel like I have two homes now.

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