Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Francidy France France France!

Well, still in the south of France and still having a blast! There are dozens of unposted videos and pics on my laptop and I since I will post them all eventually and I am lazy I am just picking random ones to put up now. I get back on the 15th and the next day I go straight to a show at Csquat where I get to drink and see everyone at once which will be both surreal and great! I am so used to buying fresh bread every day at the little specialty store here, swimming, beaching, and also not understanding the language that it will be a bit of a culture shock to get back to NY. But some great stuff to look forward to when I return so I expect no depression at all. Still summer and lots of stuff going on to be excited about. After almost six weeks away I am pretty beyond refreshed and inspired to have a productive August and fall.
AnyFrog, first is the flyer for a big gig we have this monday at the Crumb gallery playing with The Sauviettes which is Sophie Crumbs amazing trio. Then we have a few pics of John and Robert during the podcasting. We had some technical issues and have done only three so far...hoping to get some more done before we leave if the parts that were ordered come here in time. I hope I hope!
If not, we have three great ones including the second half of the 2 CD/album release we are putting out early next year. Yay!
A random pic from Marseille..Le Tom Cruise! One of Sauve at night at La Place where all the kids come to play and the parents can hang out and drink. The new lights they put in the village are too bright for my tastes but I have to admit they make form some pretty great photo ops.
Aline Crumb painted her friend Dominique with MY MOM ONCE AGAIN! I love it!
It will be part of an art exhibit in September that Aline and Sophie are having in NYC on the 7th. I invited my sisters and my mom of course. It is going to be a crazy mix of people and i can't wait!
Plus, I get to see Sophie and Aline in NYC three weeks after we leave France. How INCROYABLE IS THAT??


  1. Ok....ok.....what the HELL is Mistahh Crumb doin' in that pic?.......some kinda clothed rehearsal for his upcoming naked self-portrait?
    And John, with that voodoo-evil eye-hand-incantation-thingy.....'yer freakin' me out heahh!
    And your mom......YIKES! Chesticles are us! (But VERY attractive, mind you:+)

    I'm thinkin' that there has been some absinthe involved on this journey.