Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Unbearable Lightness of Blogging.

Just a quick post with some stuff I have seen since I got back last week...the nice black and white pics  are from the show we did at the Crumb Gallery in Sauve. Someone took some nice pro pics so I figured I would throw them up here. The top pic is of our new splatter vinyl of Chimpin' the Blues. We have so much new stuff coming out this year and next and that podcast album keeps selling out which is great! Every few months a big check from our distro rolls in right when we need nice! Making money from what you enjoy and create!
Then we have DAVE DAVE DAVE in the dog run with a new shirt on! That's how you know it's still summer! Then some golf clubs and bag propped up in a phone booth on 2nd ave..this seems to be a trend lately Thrown out golf stuff. Good-o!
The bottom pic is a blurry one I took on my way to Reverend Jen's troll museum benefit which I will post about later on this week..some seniors were tap dancing for a big audience on east 4th st with a harmonica player helping them out.
So much stuff happening...and you know how much I like stuff! It is 90 degrees tomorrow and i am so much enjoying this second summer I get to have after my european summer!

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