Monday, September 29, 2014

Pigs in Space!

Goodbye summer...sob! Well, it is now fall and I am dreading winter but I have all kinds of stuff going on including taking a uncredited French class at The New School over the winter, working on Slumgoddess the Book, finishing our new album and other assorted fun projects. I pay my SAG-AFTRA dues this week so I can start with the BG extra work again soley for cash. Probably will hit up some auditions too and see if anything comes of it. They are kinda fun to go to...
BUT not as much fun as the Drone Guy of Tompkins! He s out several times a week with that drone statue thing and flyer. Even during Circus Amok and the Bendy Tree stuff he was there with it.
Then I took a pic of Ed my favorite Ray's regular. Kevin McGlynn long time regular of Ray's was arrested in Juily for stalking Rhianna and I am trying to find out if he is in jail still or a mental ward. He was remanded and deemed unfit to stand trial which he. I know Kevin pretty well and he was never violent and I don't believe he is violent but he does believe he is Jesus Christ and that Rhianna, Jay Z and Kanye stole material from him and are sending him messages through their songs. Crazy, yes. But violent, no. It is kinda sad he lost his shit and stalked her because he will never stop unless he is locked up I suppose.
Then someone REALLY cares about you getting your hat back! And in keeping with signs that try to be clever here is the sandwich board from Organic Grill on 1st ave. Oh the laughter!
Some super exciting band news coming soon...until then we now play at least once a month at Jalopy's Roots and Ruckus.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Washington Square Park Folk Fest and Fare thee to Bendy Tree.

I feel like I have been up for days now trying to enjoy the last of summer and hit every single thing that has been going on. AND BY THAT I MEAN HIT EVERY SINGLE DIVE BAR TIL 5AM. Just kidding. Sort of! Today, Sunday, I went to the folk fest at Washington Square Park...I missed the beginning of it but did catch the last 2 bands and the insane square dancing that happened at the end! The best part was the look on everyone's face who was just walking by when about 100 people began to attempt to square dance. Then I went to Tompkins for the Blessing and Goodbye to the Bendy tree in there they are cutting down this week. It's next to the "krishna tree" and it is so old and huge I feel really sad about this. Also, a mama rat has been living in there with her babies and I don't know where she went. No one has seen her for days now.
Here is some square dancing...

And here is a 10 second video of Rev Billy hands on the sacred tree of rat babies. I got there just in time for this cause I went home to work out as I have become a fitness fanatic somehow.

And Eak the Geek hugging the tree goodbye.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sophie and Aline Crumb's Art Opening last Sunday!

Last Sunday the 7th, Sophie and Aline Crumb had a art opening at the DCKT Contemporary Art Gallery on Orchard Street. The each and about 10 pieces in the show on two separate walls. This is the first time I have ever been to a mother/daughter art exhibit and it was as crazy as you can imagine it was! So many different walks of life there...people from Csquat, art dealers and managers, old friends of Aline's from the 60's, my damn parents came even as a painting of my mom was sort of part of the exhibit in the back. My sister came too with her hubby and her son. I felt overwhelmed by the people that showed up so I can imagine how Sophie and Aline felt! I think Sophie sold five pieces by the next day as the show will be up for about a month. Here is the link to the gallery with a summary of the work and some pics I took and/or stole off of other people who were there. Whee!
Some exciting band news for John and I is in the works as this continues to be the year of Getting Shit Done for us. Whoop whoop! Their show had a mention on Gothamist too with Sophie's pic!
Pics from the DCKT opening:

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Heaps of Crap!

There is HEAPS OF CRAP happening every day since I got back to NYC and the next few posts are going to be a jumble of me getting stuff off my desktop that has been on there for weeks in no particular order I JUST WANT IT UP HERE ALREADY DAMMIT! I have been running around like a maniac enjoying the end of summer...I never got around to uploading some funny videos from the Troll Museum Benefit from two weeks ago...Hell, I have video from France and Spain I still want to post...but it's 90 degrees out every day and I cannot be online long. Too much happening out of the doors!
So here the top pics are from Derek Berg...who took them of me with one of the three giant rats that are now at Social Tees. Plague, Pestilence and Bubonic. Awww....he sent these to not realizing grieve knows me. Heh! So grieve passed them on to me! Further down you can see the rat selfies I took...trying to make the rat look as huge as possible. Plus, my pal Holly showed up from Waggytail dog rescue to get that pic of Robert holding the rat and her tiny chihuahua Kiwi.
Then Fly snapped a pic of me at Csquat reading the new issue of Peops! that I am in...Page 1! Aline Crumb is also in that issue with many other cool interesting folks. Love it!
I stopped by to see Ray when I was wasted and was shocked that there is now fruit there!
And the bottom pic is a painting Aline Crumb did of Joan Rivers...RIP to that wonderful crazy bitch Joan! Next post is about Aline and Sophie Crumb's art opening in soho which was chock full of hilarity and madness.