Monday, September 29, 2014

Pigs in Space!

Goodbye summer...sob! Well, it is now fall and I am dreading winter but I have all kinds of stuff going on including taking a uncredited French class at The New School over the winter, working on Slumgoddess the Book, finishing our new album and other assorted fun projects. I pay my SAG-AFTRA dues this week so I can start with the BG extra work again soley for cash. Probably will hit up some auditions too and see if anything comes of it. They are kinda fun to go to...
BUT not as much fun as the Drone Guy of Tompkins! He s out several times a week with that drone statue thing and flyer. Even during Circus Amok and the Bendy Tree stuff he was there with it.
Then I took a pic of Ed my favorite Ray's regular. Kevin McGlynn long time regular of Ray's was arrested in Juily for stalking Rhianna and I am trying to find out if he is in jail still or a mental ward. He was remanded and deemed unfit to stand trial which he. I know Kevin pretty well and he was never violent and I don't believe he is violent but he does believe he is Jesus Christ and that Rhianna, Jay Z and Kanye stole material from him and are sending him messages through their songs. Crazy, yes. But violent, no. It is kinda sad he lost his shit and stalked her because he will never stop unless he is locked up I suppose.
Then someone REALLY cares about you getting your hat back! And in keeping with signs that try to be clever here is the sandwich board from Organic Grill on 1st ave. Oh the laughter!
Some super exciting band news coming soon...until then we now play at least once a month at Jalopy's Roots and Ruckus.

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