Friday, September 12, 2014

Sophie and Aline Crumb's Art Opening last Sunday!

Last Sunday the 7th, Sophie and Aline Crumb had a art opening at the DCKT Contemporary Art Gallery on Orchard Street. The each and about 10 pieces in the show on two separate walls. This is the first time I have ever been to a mother/daughter art exhibit and it was as crazy as you can imagine it was! So many different walks of life there...people from Csquat, art dealers and managers, old friends of Aline's from the 60's, my damn parents came even as a painting of my mom was sort of part of the exhibit in the back. My sister came too with her hubby and her son. I felt overwhelmed by the people that showed up so I can imagine how Sophie and Aline felt! I think Sophie sold five pieces by the next day as the show will be up for about a month. Here is the link to the gallery with a summary of the work and some pics I took and/or stole off of other people who were there. Whee!
Some exciting band news for John and I is in the works as this continues to be the year of Getting Shit Done for us. Whoop whoop! Their show had a mention on Gothamist too with Sophie's pic!
Pics from the DCKT opening:

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