Monday, September 15, 2014

Washington Square Park Folk Fest and Fare thee to Bendy Tree.

I feel like I have been up for days now trying to enjoy the last of summer and hit every single thing that has been going on. AND BY THAT I MEAN HIT EVERY SINGLE DIVE BAR TIL 5AM. Just kidding. Sort of! Today, Sunday, I went to the folk fest at Washington Square Park...I missed the beginning of it but did catch the last 2 bands and the insane square dancing that happened at the end! The best part was the look on everyone's face who was just walking by when about 100 people began to attempt to square dance. Then I went to Tompkins for the Blessing and Goodbye to the Bendy tree in there they are cutting down this week. It's next to the "krishna tree" and it is so old and huge I feel really sad about this. Also, a mama rat has been living in there with her babies and I don't know where she went. No one has seen her for days now.
Here is some square dancing...

And here is a 10 second video of Rev Billy hands on the sacred tree of rat babies. I got there just in time for this cause I went home to work out as I have become a fitness fanatic somehow.

And Eak the Geek hugging the tree goodbye.

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