Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oy Vey!

Fuck a bunch of fall! I got my SEXY EBOLA Halloween costume all ready for my favorite holiday! But first there is The Sweetest Day this Saturday and since it's John's only weekend off up until December we are actually celebrating this dumb fake holiday! I really don't think those cards have been selling at all.
I meant to post a review of Bayside the Musical along with my snap bracelets from the night and that pic of Screech but well...I am busy and just go see the damn play it's hilarious, okay? Theater 80 on St Marks Place!
That bottom pic is for John's side project The Hen Pecked Husbands. R Crumb is going to draw his album cover and I am on half the songs despite it being John's side string band project so they wanted me on the cover. I could be on all the songs but I want to concentrate on playing my new guitar and the fiddle and banjo stuff is something John loves a lot more than I do so I just play and sing on the songs I like the most. Robert loves this kind of photo stuff. My tiny yet amazon self ready to beat on everyone.
I have been really working on the Slumgoddess book the past few days... one chapter is finally getting done and edited and finished with since I unraveled the mystery of one of the craziest people I ever had the bad luck of meeting. The 50 Crays chapter is both sad and depressing. Sometimes researching a really mentally ill person makes you feel like you have crawled into their skin and into their twisted brain and I feel like I need a shower after writing sometimes. I have a private blog that is password protected I have been using. I suppose once more stuff is edited I will give more people the password but for now it's not going super public. Some pretty detailed stuff on there about all kinds of crap that has happened to me and as hard as some of it was to write most of it is humorous and just weird. Well, ALL of it is weird but the chapter I just finished...Man, some people you are just better off not knowing the truth about. And some people REALLY should never have kids. It is scary the crazies that breed...well, it's all almost online now so that is a relief. Because poop stories are my favorite so far. Ones where I am stuck pooping in various awful places. On a freight train while kids throw rocks at the dark at a rainbow gathering into a fire pit i thought was a shitter...and while hitching rides through Quebec while I had a bad stomach and had to jump out of the cars every five minutes screaming. About poop. LOUDLY.
I love writing and am getting a lot of encouragement from many to keep going. I start to tell someone what I am writing about which just seems normal and sort of dull to me and they are all, "I WOULD READ THAT SO FUCKING HARD SO YOU BETTER FINISH" which is a good sign. I guess what I consider normal life stuff makes for good reading to some.
I also pay my damn SAG dues this Friday which means I can register to get my FYC freebies!
Free movies and voting all through December! I do have pics from all kinds of shows and stuff I have gone to in the past two weeks but I am just distracted by the book lately which is a good thing. That and some new recordings John and I have to do for our own new album. I think John's new comp is coming out first. And it is a fucking doozy. 3 CD's, and vinyl of course...and crumb artwork of course of course of course! And some amazing music both wonderful and rare. I get excited thinking about promoting so much stuff coming out in 2015 that I am ALMOST looking forward to winter. I hang out within a ten block radius of where I live so who cares if I have to throw on another layer or ten.

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