Sunday, November 23, 2014

After the Goys of Summer have Gone.

I am REALLY proud of the title of this post! Took a year to think it up! No-make that two years! I have waited a lifetime to post that! Well, after my laptop being wiped and repaired for a week at the shop and having limited internets and phone all is back to normally normal. The break was nice actually...I had death flu for about 5-6 days and all I did was practice guitar and watch movies and hang with the hubby who is now working until xmas without a day off. The Macy's Parade won't let him leave and he will enjoy seeing the Muppets and KISS up close and personal. The poor guy. John works so damn hard but well...we do get to live in France in the summer every year and see Europe and any damn place we want due to this. Can't wait to submit for some extra BG work and go on some auditions again next week. Been going to SAG screeners on the days I felt well enough to go. Saw Big Eyes the other day and I collect Keane and Lee prints so I was in heaven. Christopher Waltz is so good and was pretty damn funny at the Q&A after...speaking of films, I saw one of my best friends short films premier at the Williamsburg Film Fest this weekend and I AM SO PROUD AND HAPPY! She's been working hard on her film career and it has paid off. She just got a grant to do her first feature film and fuck...I was all choked up watching her film in the theatre with my friend Erin. We were blown away. Sniff. It also screened at the LA film fest at the same time. DOUBLE SNIFF.
AnyFap, those top four pics are from an art opening of paintings that tattoo artist Needles did. He works at Sacred Tattoo and did two full sleeves on Erin and they are fantastic. As are his paintings. As a horror freak I was REALLY into these. Evil Dead 2..yeah! That one of Snake is the first time Needles every painted a person he said. DANG.
Then we have my mom...ah,The Mom. She went to the 9th precinct with me and said she saw Etan Patz ten years after he was kidnapped in Queens at a candy store. She thinks. Maybe. She felt bad about never saying anything back then as everyone said it wasn't him so she reported it now. They humored her and sort of hit on her. Then I told her the Hell's Angels Clubhouse was a cafe and tried to get her to walk in there. AHAHAHA!
Then a sign about Sushi.  Could be fish. COD be fish. Yup!
And Mamie Minch posing at her shop Brooklyn Lutherie at a holiday party we went to there. Amazing shop run by two amazing ladies. They have repaired two of John's guitars now and both are in fine shape. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Mamie and her partner Chloe both play old time music in bands and frequent Jalopy. I love that.
And last but NOT LEASTEST...two drunk homeless dudes made this glorious holiday display in the middle of the street by Gem Spa and I had to snap a pic. That is some good looking corn there.
New posts coming all week...have to get used to this sort of new laptop and the fact that it freaking WORKS PERFECTLY! So happy lately and all kinds of great stuff going on mi amores...It may be a rough winter but I got a nice coat and I just don't care. Already saving up for the summer in Europe again and getting ready to take a French class at The New School when I get a few paychecks sent my way. Layer up and go on with my usual crazy weird life here in "the states" as we call it in France. See, I am becoming a snobby frog already.

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