Sunday, November 30, 2014

Babadook Dook Dook!

Shit be crazy! But mainly in a good way. Been writing a lot so the blog suffers which means you suffer by not getting to read my dumb shit! Here is a HODGEPODGE of stuff that's been going on with me and in the hood in no particular order. John worked the Macy's Day Parade and got to watch Kiss get soaked and lip synch like idiots right in front of him. I went on several of the Ferguson marches and on one of them I passed by him and went backstage so I could pee where the crew was set up. Thats where I took that pic of Mickey and Minnie looking confused at Times Square after the march went by. It was bizarro world up there.
There's my dumb cat Delgado googling up cat videos on my new NOT BROKEN AND VIRUS FREE laptop! Yay! Under that is a still of the ten second shot I was in in the John Leguizamo film Fugly! that is out now. That scene got so cut I am lucky to be in it at all. The main girl was completely cut out so I guess they liked my mean yelling at him face then flouncing out of the room attitude.
Over last weekend my friend Erin and I went to see part of the Williamsburg Indie Film Festival cause our friend Martine Blue had a short film in it. All of the shorts were pro and Martine's was great. I am so proud of my friend. She made her first film at Csquat called El Evictor and it was hilarious. I get killed in the shower while wearing a wonder woman outfit. She has come a long way since then through hard work and classes and got a grant for her first feature next year. She will be working on that for several years obviously but I am already excited about it. So inspiring when you watch your friends reach their goals in life. If she has any free time we have a web series cooking for the future with me as a co-writer. She wants some comedy input and I am down. She is going to secure a grant for that too as the set will be big and complicated. 2016-17 perhaps...I am surrounded by so much talent it just makes me work harder at my stuff. Her film is called Me2 and was about clones so i got to see the horror section of the fest which was a plus!
Then in this months issue of Wax Poetics John is interviewed about Crumb and 78's. Our band gets a mention and it's a pretty widely read magazine. Good promo cause we have so much stuff coming out in 2015. I am slowly replacing my Luke playing with guitar so i will be doing both plus singing on our next release. Yippie! AND KAZOO OF COURSE.
That video at the bottom which I hope plays is of some annoying guys with no pants on drunk and partying by the indian restaurants on 1st ave. They were out there for an hour with their no pants rager. #NOPANTSRAGER!

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