Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

It is New Years Eve and I am getting ready to go out and celebrate with friends and drinks and who knows what. My favorite bars are open until tomorrow afternoon so I am going out late and staying out until the sun rises on the New Year. I had a pretty fucking great year though many friends and loved ones had a crappy one. Which makes me unhappy so I had my share of downs too along with some pretty major ups. I will post my Facebook status thing on here along with one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands The Boswell Sisters. Hope everyone has a great night and thanks for reading my blog all! The amount of hits I get on this thing still shocks me! Very happy about where I am in life right now and for all that is to come in 2015!

I think most people I know are happy to see 2014 come to an end. Every year has some good stuff and some bad stuff but this one seemed to be particularly hard on many people that I care about. So that sucks. And I won't even go into anything political on here but hopefully some change for the better is on the way. Besides the bad there have also been weddings and new babies born or on the way and many more positive things. I had an insanely great summer in Europe this year and cant wait until July for another one. Lots of output from my band coming up in 2015 so I am VERY excited about that! As for resolutions I have already been working on mine. Writing, playing guitar and starting a French class at The New School soon. So i will just keep on with what i am already doing with myself. A new year won't magically make things great for everyone but its nice to feel like we all have a clean, new slate. (Even though time is cyclical and not linear and thanks to eternal recurrence a parallel Eden is living on Mars running a smoothie stand with Tony Danza). Have a great night everyone! All my favorite bars are open way after 4am tonight so I know I will! !
— celebrating New Year's Eve.

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