Sunday, December 14, 2014

Shut the shit Down.

Just popping in since I have not posted in a while here. Been going to most of the rallies and marches that have been happening in NYC since the Eric Garner verdict came down and I have tons of pics and videos in my phone but I am just really fucking busy lately!
Did some extra work and boy did it suck! At the set of Gotham for 16 hours a few nights ago and still feel tired and in pain. I should be in that episode though after all that...It's called Scarecrow and it's episode 115 in January. I ma very happy to be in SAG and am going to go to auditions and take some acting workshops but no more extra BG for me. Money is decent but my whole life was disrupted by it. Up for almost 48 hours twice in one week. John was not happy. Cats were not happy. Friends, family..everyone worried cause i was so out of it for days. It was quite an experience though!
Lots of band stuff going on too...John's book still awaiting approval if he gets it from Abrams...and we got some Crumb artwork almost done now for the cover of The Old Time Radio Show double CD/vinyl album we are putting out in a few months. Getting there!
But this week and last were all about the marches. Over 100,000 came out today. I was so emotional. Saw so many people I knew pass by in the crowds. The Police Lives Matter rally is the 19th and OH BOY is that going to be something! Cops doing whatever the fuck they want to black people is beyond fucked and me and many others are just sick of it. It has to end. I don't know what will come from all this but the Gurley case and the Tamir Rice case are going on and if those cops get off the shit is REALLY going to hit the fan. Enough is enough.
Nothing can describe the feeling of marching with tens of thousands of people for a cause you believe in deeply. It's sad and you feel elated all at the same time. Pics coming soon. Some pic i did not take but only retweeted got posted with my twitter handle attached to it on Gawker today and boy was that fucking crazy. People are nuts I tell ya!

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