Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A few videos of the burlesque dancers at Ray's Candy Store.

It's short but I did catch part of Ray spinning one of the propeller tassels on one of the dancers nipples! Ray was reluctant but everyone insisted he give it a spin.

Pics from Ray's birthday party last night!

Last night was Ray's birthday party and once again there were burlesque dancers, cake and this time Matt Rosen made Ray an amazing scrapbook full of old photos and articles about Ray through the years. So much love in those pages! You can go by and sign it at night when Ray is there. He had the biggest smile on his face as dancer after dancer took off their clothes on the counter and danced for him. Always one of my favorite events of the year! I will be posting a few videos I took in a few hours because this party deserves two posts. Here are my cell and camera pics...more to come! One girl had propeller tassels on her nipples when she shed her stewardess outfit and Ray spun one around. I have a very short five second clip of that!

Sunday, January 25, 2015


SNOW IS COMING SNOW IS COMING! Shit, I have an important dental appt tomorrow and had a hair appt on Thursday plus a sort of party on Tuesday but I think it will all get cancelled because SNOW IS COMING! I've been dying for it to really snow and I think I am about get my wish!
Anyway, the first pic is of my friend the amazing "Blind Boy Paxton" or Jerron who made the cover of the Village Voice this week with a huge article about his music. We have played with Jerron many times and he's a Jalopy regular. Congrats to him!
Then last night I went to the Idiotarod party which was making fun of the Iditarod dog sled race but with shopping carts which were later smashed and lit on fire. Fun! I actually went to Brooklyn and I got a ride back home so that made it bearable. I posted two videos from my phone so i don't know how they came out uploaded on here.
My friend Bill sent me that BroYo thing and I hope it is not real. PLEASE LET IT NOT BE REAL.
And I love that sticker because it's so random and it reminds me of John talking about his stuff and how I cannot touch his stuff. He even wrote a song called Don't Touch My Stuff and its pretty darn catchy.
Lots of things going on this week but with this storm not sure what will get canceled and what won't. But i will have my favorite post of the year after Tuesday night if the thing does not get postponed that i am going to be posting about!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Robert and Aline Crumb and Je Suis Charlie.

Well, we all know what happened in Paris a few days ago and how horrible it is. Crumb was asked to draw a few pieces about it for a French magazine. I am just going to post them here along with an interview he did. My favorite is the joint cartoon Aline did with him about the first drawing he did!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My cat has one fang left and other life events...

First post of the NEW YEAR and boy is it ever exciting! Nah, not really. Well, I have been doing a lot of stuff and will continue to do so even if it's 5 degrees out. Which it is tonight and tomorrow night too I think. I don't care as long as it doesn't stay this way. Kinda makes you appreciate when it's above freezing when it gets this cold out. Then I am like, "Whee! It's 34 today! Beach body time!"
AnyBoop, that first pic is of a hungover me and my poor Delgado cat on New Years Day. One of his two remaining teeth fell out and now he has one fang left and his tongue sticks out a lot. He's not in any pain he will just be gumming his food soon even more. I can't find the tooth so I assume he ate it like the rest. Attaboy!
Then my friend gave me a sort of big eyed dog painting...well it's not truly one of those Lee or Keane's BUT is does say Gay Dog so that more than makes up for it! And yes, that is one happy dog! Then a pic of the mulled wine that was made at Csquat. There was a toy drive there on the 30th and we brought over toys that will go to the kids of incarcerated parents as they leave rikers after visiting hours. There was wine and fun bands and someone donated a fancy scooter which everyone there wanted badly. Then on New Years Eve that van was parked by Coal Yard's always funny to me to see vans like that in NYC. It belongs more on the west coast than in NYC in front of a McDonalds.
That sticker that is all over houston street apparently says "my grandma is number one." Eh, not so funny. That poor toy dog was on my block for two nights getting rained on. It creeped me out it looked so real. Then someone dumped one of their christmas gifts without even opening it up in my basement. Fool! When I was a kid all I wanted was a goddamned medieval siege engine!
Then I think evgrieve has been posting all the odd places people are dumping their xmas trees out at. This one was parked next to a motorcycle in front of Kabin bar. Or maybe it IS a motorcycle. I am really out of touch with motorcycles these days.
Things are swell...John is working on our upcoming Old Time Radio Show CD/Album cover and insert as i type this. I start my french class in about a month...and I applied for a job at a cool store yesterday which may be needing people soon. If that happens I have fulfilled all of my "resolutions" sort of. Playing a lot of guitar, working, taking French and writing. My work out schedule is insane cause I want to get in crazy shape before I get busier. My fingers are sore typing this! Soon I will be a muscle machine I tell ya.