Sunday, January 25, 2015


SNOW IS COMING SNOW IS COMING! Shit, I have an important dental appt tomorrow and had a hair appt on Thursday plus a sort of party on Tuesday but I think it will all get cancelled because SNOW IS COMING! I've been dying for it to really snow and I think I am about get my wish!
Anyway, the first pic is of my friend the amazing "Blind Boy Paxton" or Jerron who made the cover of the Village Voice this week with a huge article about his music. We have played with Jerron many times and he's a Jalopy regular. Congrats to him!
Then last night I went to the Idiotarod party which was making fun of the Iditarod dog sled race but with shopping carts which were later smashed and lit on fire. Fun! I actually went to Brooklyn and I got a ride back home so that made it bearable. I posted two videos from my phone so i don't know how they came out uploaded on here.
My friend Bill sent me that BroYo thing and I hope it is not real. PLEASE LET IT NOT BE REAL.
And I love that sticker because it's so random and it reminds me of John talking about his stuff and how I cannot touch his stuff. He even wrote a song called Don't Touch My Stuff and its pretty darn catchy.
Lots of things going on this week but with this storm not sure what will get canceled and what won't. But i will have my favorite post of the year after Tuesday night if the thing does not get postponed that i am going to be posting about!

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