Sunday, February 15, 2015


Just uploaded a bunch of random pics for a quick post cause I am at the Bean studying French for my class at the New School which is hard and awesome! So glad i enrolled! Lots going on and the cold won't stop me from going out and enjoying it. But for now I am taking it easy since I have Lasik Eye Surgery tomorrow! Yay! Ive been dying to get this for about 8 years now and it's part of my valentines day gift from John who also bought me a $200 antique locket to put my pic of Junior in with a lock of his hair. The old one that I wore for years finally broke. He is such a great husband I am so fucking lucky to have him! We went to The Palm for fancy dinner last night then watched bad movies all night and played music.
The top pic is Rhiannon Geddis from the Carolina Chocolate Drops, the band our friend Dom Flemons was in. Now he is solo and she is sort of too but that is our other friend Hubby Jenkins performing with her on Letterman this week! I swear, whenever I turn on the TV or open a paper lately someone I know is being written about or performing. I love it! John and I have a huge gig with Crumb in April plus all kinds of albums coming out this year and soon we will be written up too. I am lucky to know so many talented people it's just inspiring as hell. Our own album will likely come out in early 2016 but we have a double podcast album almost done, John's "solo" project which he talked me into being part of which Crumb just finished doing the artwork for, and John's 3 CD comp too of his 78's. All 3 projects are done we just have to put them together and get the dough to put them out. Should all happen in 2015. SO EXCITED!
Then a fan drew that cute pic of us.....and that weird phone thing was at the Eugene Lang building at New School where my class is. How artsy!
 I have stopped doing the extra BG work for TV now with it so cold...holding never has heat and its just torure really for $300 a day. In April I will begin again. With class and practice and writing and recording I have enough going on really..,plus we get checks from RedEye for our sales ever month. But here is a pic of I just added in staggering by in Gotham the worst show ever. Just funny how I always get shown at least for a second whenever I am an extra. Whoever edits that show is retarded though. They wrecked that scene but good. Funny how it just looks like they are all looking at me in this still.
Then we have my new vulcanite mourning locket. Going to get it all fixed up so I can wear it every day just like the old one. Happy to have it back soon. Junior dog is never out of my thoughts still.
I added a heart to that beautifully drawn snow penis last night. Many think I drew that penis but I just don't have the skills for that level of artistry. Kanye probably drew it. Then that note is up in my building and some is pissed about their paper being stolen! It is lame actually as our building is full go people who know each other somewhat and don't take anyone else's stuff...DO NOT LET THEM STEAL ALL MY NICE THINGS FOR FUCKS SAKE!

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