Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Busy as all hell get out! I MEAN SERIOUSLY GET OUT.

What does that saying even mean? Busy as all hell get out? Everyone used it when I lived in Ohio and sometime i heard it on the west coast. Anyway, that describes my life right now! As my eyes are still healing from the Lasik I have two blog posts I have been meaning to do...but I am a student right now so I am going to be good and study for my quiz tomorrow...BUT I cannot resist posting this INSANE artwork by Robert Crumb that came today! I look awful but how can I not love this? He did warn me I would not be happy with his cartooning of me this time but I freaking love this. I looked super buff and tan in the real pic he worked from but..sigh...alas...CARTOONISTS. What can ya do?
This is John's side project The Hen Pecked Husbands. They don't play out...John just had a ton of songs I don't love as  much as he does so I told him to do a "solo" project with friends from Jalopy which he did. They just record together once in a while. But he still suckered me into playing on some songs on this so here I am on the's going to be a great album and I am really excited! This will be out in the fall like all our other stuff...after we get back from France! We got asked to play in Dublin again too! The Ukulele Hooley is this amazing festival we played two years ago with incredible musicians! We had a blast so I am really happy about this!
We had planned to take the Queen Mary2 to the UK and see some friends in London but this is way way better. Ship is 6 days and London cannot compare to Ireland and music gigs. Sophie is pregnant again, her THIRD kid! So we don't want to waste any time. She is due when we are there in August and I may get to see my friends new baby! I want to film it coming out of her vajajay! So we fly to France, hang out for 5 weeks or so...then get flown to Dublin for 4-5 days to play and hang out with free airfare back!
John is from Ireland so this is so so cool...we wanted to go back but it's we got that all covered thanks to the fest covering air fare and hotel. What a grand thing to be paid for doing what you love to, see the world and make music. So happy! It all came together so well! So glad we did not buy the ship tickets yet!
Well, admire this piece of craziness! Coming fall of this year!

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  1. Love the drawing and I especially love the name of the band! Those guys are living (and playing) in FEAR! ;)