Thursday, February 19, 2015

I CAN SEE! Plus, Old time Radio Show album art!

This week has been nuts! I had planned to make some of the Sidewalk Anti-Folk shows to see friends playing but I got Lasik eye surgery monday afternoon and was sort of blind for a few days. I have to wear dark sunglasses when I go out even at night to protect my eyeballs from wind and dirt and dust. And I wear goggles at night to sleep in so I don't rub or touch my eyes in my sleep because when they heal they itch and burn like a MOTHERFUCKER let me tell you!
The actual surgery was pretty neat. They prop your eye open, put your head in a vise and suction it out then make a small cut which is called a flap. Then they laser you and you get to smell and sort of feel your eye burning! They do numb you though. My left eye hurt more than the right and also has been healing slower and has been very blurry. But today I woke up and fuck! I can see better than with contacts and though I put drops in until Sunday I feel great! John has been amazing through all this. Waiting on me, putting me in cabs, taking off work to come with me to my doc appts. Not to mention he paid for this surgery as a Valentine's Day gift for me. Dang!
So here are a few pics of me and my cool shades BUT more importantly the new cover art for our next release is almost done! It's a double CD/Album with two podcasts of us and Crumb. One is in NYC at our home and John plays his 78's and we talk about music and other weird crap...the second part is us all in France in Robert's record room listening to HIS 78's while we talk about sex, aliens, and everything else under the sun in between the music. These were so much fun to do and I cant wait until this is out in the fall! It's pretty much done but we are saving for our usual trip to France to hang with the Crumbs so it will have to wait for a fall release. While in France we will do more podcasts with Crumb for a SECOND album of The Old Time Radio Show! This year is going to be a great one for us and i cannot wait! This cover cracks me up...John took about 200 pics of Robert and I being silly and we chose this one for the cover. Him showing me a 78 and I am bored as hell. LIKE REAL LIFE!
News about a gig with Crumb in NYC TBA soon to add to it all! I am so happy and lucky lately! And soon spring will be springing!

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