Thursday, February 5, 2015

Some new original Crumb artwork of me for Art & Beauty plus gigs!

Well, now there are four count 'em four drawings of me by Robert Crumb that will be in the upcoming issue of Art & Beauty magazine! It will be the last issue I think but then they are putting out a big book of all three issues after at some point. These are from photos my friend Erin took when we were in Marseille pigging out on seafood and burgers. Look at the freaking detail. Unreal! My mom will be sad she only was drawn once but what can I say...Robert must draw what captures his fancy which is me stuffing my face apparently. I am always happy when I am not drawn as a hairy amazon with gigantic legs. Just in general. 
So excited for the next few months! I start French class next week, then I get Lasik eye surgery on the 16th. No more contacts! 
And it's a ways away but Aline and Robert are coming to NYC in April during the week of Mocca Fest. Aline is being honored at the Society of Illustrators and we are playing a private show there on April 9th with Robert. Fun! There will probably be another show for the public that week which we will announce right before it happens so the crowd is not too crazy. Life is goody good good! 
The SOI is an old, amazing place! Check it out! Aline's work will be on display there in April.

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