Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ashley Thayer and her new book Kill City.

It's a rare thing when one is documenting a scene or a certain time in their life but is also a part of that scene..they are not an outsider looking in. They are a part of it all and it is just their every day life.
My friend Ashley Thayer lived at a squat on east 5th st years ago. She worked on it along with helping out at other squats like my home of almost two decades, C-squat. She lived the life and she also went to school and photographed what was happening around her at the time.
Now her book Kill City is about to come out and this Thursday there is a release party for it in brooklyn, along with a show the next night to celebrate its release. It's going to be a squatter reunion of sorts! Many friends will be coming from out of town for this and I cannot wait! They are bringing their kids and staying for the weekend. My next few posts will be documenting the events and promoting Kill City which is a beautiful bound treasure of memories for me and many others who lived in squats in the LES in the 90's.
Here is Ashley today on MSNBC promoting her book...and I will link where you can pre-order it indie-style and avoid Amazon.

MSNBC: http://www.msnbc.com/shift/watch/-kill-city-and-the-future-of-architecture-420580419867

Order the Book!: http://www.indiebound.org/book/9781576877340

Monday, March 30, 2015

RIP Nicholas Figueroa and Moises Ismael Locón Yac.

The second body, undoubtably that of Moises, has not been identified yet but as he is the only person missing it is safe AND sad to say that both of the missing men from the east village explosion have now been dug up at the site. Everyone has seen the "selfie stick" photo that has gone viral. 7 awful women acting hideous at the scene of the disaster. It take A LOT to offend me and I do mean A LOT, but when I went to check out the site that day as I have been every single day since it happened I saw several couples taking selfies there...a group gigging and switching places making sure every single one of them got in the pics. I felt like screaming at them but refrained...I live around the corner from the buildings and it is insanity here. Helicopters overhead, DRONES, yes-i have a pic of a drone!..crowds of people, the news vultures, gawkers, neighbors, cops, they are all out there every day watching them remove the rubble.
I am glad the bodies have been found. The thought of the selfie taking going on while two bodies were buried in there was getting to me. It's not bad taste...it's a complete and total disassociation with what happened there and the people affected. The memes making fun of them are hilarious...but with the public shaming going on people will be really careful now when they have fun taking their pics at a disaster site.
My spring really begins this week...friends from decades ago are trickling into town for the Kill City Book release..that will be my next post. A real old squatter reunion is going to happen this week..I will see people i have missed for years now and I am beyond excited! Then the Crumbs come in on the 8th and we kick off MOCCA fest with a private gig with Crumb on the 9th...super big deal and should get some mentions in the papers and such maybe...Aline Crumb is a guestt of honor at Mocca this year. I am fitting in practicing for the 9th with seeing friends and going to shows all week too...busy and fun time...some incredible news to announce about some band stuff too..and travel...BUT every day I go to east 7th st and stand with the crowd and watch. I cant believe that corner is gone..and the stores around it. Those were my stores. I think I bought beer at Sam's deli when I was still too young to drink. This hit way too close to home...I love second ave and I am scared for B&H dairy...I will be spending all my money at the stores effected by this until I leave for Europe in July. Will I see some shiny glass condos on my block in a year? What will happen? Gathering some donations for the red cross this week..and I look for the 3 missing cats every day. I will happily take them in until the owners are settled.
Here are some pics I took the other night...The bottom two pics I swiped off of evgrieve's site.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tragic fire at 121 2nd avenue today.

I was at home getting dressed and practicing some music before I went out to do some errands on 2nd  Ave when I heard a muffled bang outside my window. I peeked out and it was eerily quiet and then suddenly insanely loud and the 9th precinct came to life. Fire trucks came screeching down the street and I smelled gas and smoke so I texted my friend i was going to check it out. Turned out it was a gas line explosion at 121 2nd Ave...that spread to 123 and 119 is STILL on fire after over 7 hours now.
It is international news and i took a ton of photos and some video. Not sure my iPhone video shows up on this blog platform so I am going to just post the pics I took throughout the day starting at around 4pm to 10pm. Besides burning eyes and a wicked headache I am fine. Just feel bad about the shops and the people who lost their home. www.evgrieve.com has all kinds of information and footage of the day and is the best place to go to for up to date news. But I will post the pics i took here. There are about 15 of them in all..maybe more. I am really sad about this. I woke up and was scrambling to do french homework and practice and do a million things at once but once this happened I spent the day following it. Smoke is still all over my block and people have masks on or shirts tied around their faces. I think The Standard Hotel is putting people up for free for three nights who lived in one of those buildings. I always worry about the pets too. So far no deaths have been reported which is really amazing.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Crap that's been on my desktop forever. YES, LITERALLY FOREVER.

Just posting the last of some old pics that i've had on my laptop for weeks now but have been too busy to put up. Beginning with the Los Crudos show at C this Sunday life gets nuts for me in a good way. My friend Ashley Thayer's book Kill City is having it's release party on April 2nd followed by a show the next night in BK...it's going to be a real squatter reunion! So many old friends are coming into town. It marks the end of my three months sober working on all my shit over the winter phase and begins my GET WARM OUT SOON BECAUSE I LEAVE IN JULY FOR EUROPE AND I WANT TO BE OUT ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT DAMMIT! In between working on music, writing and learning french of course. I am pretty addicted to my responsible schedule at this point and would feel badly if i didn't work on my shit every day. Feel great to see all the progress I've made since January. Actually pretty proud of myself! I just cannot go hang out all day now...I feel bad if i don't accomplish something. Which is good! I am on a roll. And of course MOCCA fest starts the week after! Can't wait!
AnyBloop, there is a cute pic a fan drew of John and I. I look so thin! yay! I love fan art! Then what am I to do with the 200 unsharpened knives I hauled across town? A TRAVESTY I TELLS YA.
THE CRUSADES have begun in Union Square! There is so much wrong with that pic I don't even know where to begin. So I will not begin. Just look at it. WTF.
A snowy day in Tompkins...WaggyTail small dog rescue meeting at the Bean my favorite place to study and chat with nut jobs....Some art from someone who was NOT happy about springing forward...the last of the Tompkins Igloo...some new ad art by Theater 80...and lastly the new Crumb artwork hung up in my apt. We have so much now...those will be in Art & Beauty magazine coming out sometime this year. SO MANY THINGS are coming out this year...including a possible book/cd project from John...waiting to hear back about it this week. It will all be after we get back from Europe though. So far we got south of France as usual..Sophie is having a baby and we will be there for it! Then we hit Italy and then the UK. YES. Gotta save that dough to put everything out but once it IS out it will just be bringing in the checks...nothing better than making a little bit of money doing what you love and would do anyway!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jumping the fires for spring at La Plaza

I am so backed up with my blogging...trying to catch up here this week and then talk about the SAVE NYC campaign that Jeremiah started about a month ago over at Vanishing NY. John and I have been asked to make a video for the website and the campaign which we will be doing shortly...sucks that it's cold out but lately my main concerns are working out, practicing for our big gig with Crumb in April and studying French for my class so all of that is easier for me when it's cold out. As soon as it hits 70 I turn into a maniac and stay out until 5am every night so I suppose the cold is good for me right now. I love summer and it's hard to study french verbs inside when it's gorgeous out so I can wait a few more weeks...
I have been going out here and there though to stuff that is close to me and La Plaza had a strange event that was a celebration of the arrival of spring...three fires were made and jumped over by everyone there especially the kids who were having a blast...food was served and the cops came to see what was happening, looked extremely confused and then left without a word. That was pretty damn funny! Here are some pics from that event..more news about all kinds of stuff to come later this week!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Tompkins Igloo and paper thief!

Just a quick post with some old pics I have on my laptop...the infamous igloo that was in Tompkins for weeks...and my building has a newspaper thief which is making some people very angry. This was the third sign someone put up about it I think!
That igloo had empty beer bottles in it, a half filled cup of either beer or pee and it was awesome!
It's still cold out but I think 50 is the norm for March and we are almost going to hit that this week so I am happy.
Lately by schedule is basically, work out at home, study French, practice music with John for our gig in April and for our next album, and go out

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Karl Pilkington and MOI??

AHHHH! Got some crazy funny news today of something hilarious that just MIGHT be happening in a few months involving my FUCKING HERO from the Ricky Gervais Show Karl Pilkington! Well, he is from Idiot Abroad more recently and Derek but I love him from the RGShow best. They are filming his new show in NYC soon and they want him to interact with some squatter types and when I met the scout for the show at Csquat I told them I was a huge fan. They remembered this and have sort of been in touch and...well it's all I can say but man...if I am in a show with Karl my life is really complete! John and I are obsessed with him and this is just too funny...I hope this happens!!!
Last few days have been full of emails about possible out of town gigs and gigs in Europe and now this...always something hilarious going on. I love it.  I don't even mind the cold...I made a resolution that from Jan-March I would concentrate on French class, learning guitar and would be sober and I have kept it. When I do go out I enjoy it more knowing I have been working on everything I made a vow to work on in 2015. So it's more fun as it's a treat and no feeling like I should be doing something else. But soon it will be warm and the Crumbs are coming in for Mocca in April and to me that is the start of my spring of crazy fun shit!
Over two months of really buckling down has paid off too. My guitar is coming along well enough that I can officially say I play two instruments now(uke and guitar) and KAZOO of course! And I love my French class. Love it. It just really pays off to stick to what you want to do and go for it. I improve a little every week and it being cold and snowy just makes me not feel like getting wasted until 4am. Plenty of time for that soon enough. Plus I lost about 8 lbs since January from my new workout regime.
But I must complain about ONE THING. Look! It has happened! A fucking awful movie with A list celebs about old time music, busking and train hopping. IS NOTHING SACRED? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?