Monday, March 23, 2015

Crap that's been on my desktop forever. YES, LITERALLY FOREVER.

Just posting the last of some old pics that i've had on my laptop for weeks now but have been too busy to put up. Beginning with the Los Crudos show at C this Sunday life gets nuts for me in a good way. My friend Ashley Thayer's book Kill City is having it's release party on April 2nd followed by a show the next night in's going to be a real squatter reunion! So many old friends are coming into town. It marks the end of my three months sober working on all my shit over the winter phase and begins my GET WARM OUT SOON BECAUSE I LEAVE IN JULY FOR EUROPE AND I WANT TO BE OUT ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT DAMMIT! In between working on music, writing and learning french of course. I am pretty addicted to my responsible schedule at this point and would feel badly if i didn't work on my shit every day. Feel great to see all the progress I've made since January. Actually pretty proud of myself! I just cannot go hang out all day now...I feel bad if i don't accomplish something. Which is good! I am on a roll. And of course MOCCA fest starts the week after! Can't wait!
AnyBloop, there is a cute pic a fan drew of John and I. I look so thin! yay! I love fan art! Then what am I to do with the 200 unsharpened knives I hauled across town? A TRAVESTY I TELLS YA.
THE CRUSADES have begun in Union Square! There is so much wrong with that pic I don't even know where to begin. So I will not begin. Just look at it. WTF.
A snowy day in Tompkins...WaggyTail small dog rescue meeting at the Bean my favorite place to study and chat with nut jobs....Some art from someone who was NOT happy about springing forward...the last of the Tompkins Igloo...some new ad art by Theater 80...and lastly the new Crumb artwork hung up in my apt. We have so much now...those will be in Art & Beauty magazine coming out sometime this year. SO MANY THINGS are coming out this year...including a possible book/cd project from John...waiting to hear back about it this week. It will all be after we get back from Europe though. So far we got south of France as usual..Sophie is having a baby and we will be there for it! Then we hit Italy and then the UK. YES. Gotta save that dough to put everything out but once it IS out it will just be bringing in the checks...nothing better than making a little bit of money doing what you love and would do anyway!

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