Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jumping the fires for spring at La Plaza

I am so backed up with my blogging...trying to catch up here this week and then talk about the SAVE NYC campaign that Jeremiah started about a month ago over at Vanishing NY. John and I have been asked to make a video for the website and the campaign which we will be doing that it's cold out but lately my main concerns are working out, practicing for our big gig with Crumb in April and studying French for my class so all of that is easier for me when it's cold out. As soon as it hits 70 I turn into a maniac and stay out until 5am every night so I suppose the cold is good for me right now. I love summer and it's hard to study french verbs inside when it's gorgeous out so I can wait a few more weeks...
I have been going out here and there though to stuff that is close to me and La Plaza had a strange event that was a celebration of the arrival of spring...three fires were made and jumped over by everyone there especially the kids who were having a was served and the cops came to see what was happening, looked extremely confused and then left without a word. That was pretty damn funny! Here are some pics from that event..more news about all kinds of stuff to come later this week!


  1. First, props to you and John for contributing to @SAVENYC effort.......GOTTA keep it building!
    Second, simply wondering what you think of Thayer's "Kill City" book. Does it get the Slum Goddess Seal Of Approval? :+)

  2. I majored in French in college. When you are more fluent you can appreciate those wonderful French films without looking at the sub titres.
    East Village Corner

  3. It's hard Melanie but I love it.
    Ashley Thayer is a friend of mine and I'm in the book and I'll be blogging the book release party on april 2nd so I give it a thumbs up. She lived at 5th street squat for years.