Thursday, March 5, 2015

Karl Pilkington and MOI??

AHHHH! Got some crazy funny news today of something hilarious that just MIGHT be happening in a few months involving my FUCKING HERO from the Ricky Gervais Show Karl Pilkington! Well, he is from Idiot Abroad more recently and Derek but I love him from the RGShow best. They are filming his new show in NYC soon and they want him to interact with some squatter types and when I met the scout for the show at Csquat I told them I was a huge fan. They remembered this and have sort of been in touch and...well it's all I can say but man...if I am in a show with Karl my life is really complete! John and I are obsessed with him and this is just too funny...I hope this happens!!!
Last few days have been full of emails about possible out of town gigs and gigs in Europe and now this...always something hilarious going on. I love it.  I don't even mind the cold...I made a resolution that from Jan-March I would concentrate on French class, learning guitar and would be sober and I have kept it. When I do go out I enjoy it more knowing I have been working on everything I made a vow to work on in 2015. So it's more fun as it's a treat and no feeling like I should be doing something else. But soon it will be warm and the Crumbs are coming in for Mocca in April and to me that is the start of my spring of crazy fun shit!
Over two months of really buckling down has paid off too. My guitar is coming along well enough that I can officially say I play two instruments now(uke and guitar) and KAZOO of course! And I love my French class. Love it. It just really pays off to stick to what you want to do and go for it. I improve a little every week and it being cold and snowy just makes me not feel like getting wasted until 4am. Plenty of time for that soon enough. Plus I lost about 8 lbs since January from my new workout regime.
But I must complain about ONE THING. Look! It has happened! A fucking awful movie with A list celebs about old time music, busking and train hopping. IS NOTHING SACRED? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?

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