Monday, March 30, 2015

RIP Nicholas Figueroa and Moises Ismael Locón Yac.

The second body, undoubtably that of Moises, has not been identified yet but as he is the only person missing it is safe AND sad to say that both of the missing men from the east village explosion have now been dug up at the site. Everyone has seen the "selfie stick" photo that has gone viral. 7 awful women acting hideous at the scene of the disaster. It take A LOT to offend me and I do mean A LOT, but when I went to check out the site that day as I have been every single day since it happened I saw several couples taking selfies there...a group gigging and switching places making sure every single one of them got in the pics. I felt like screaming at them but refrained...I live around the corner from the buildings and it is insanity here. Helicopters overhead, DRONES, yes-i have a pic of a drone!..crowds of people, the news vultures, gawkers, neighbors, cops, they are all out there every day watching them remove the rubble.
I am glad the bodies have been found. The thought of the selfie taking going on while two bodies were buried in there was getting to me. It's not bad's a complete and total disassociation with what happened there and the people affected. The memes making fun of them are hilarious...but with the public shaming going on people will be really careful now when they have fun taking their pics at a disaster site.
My spring really begins this week...friends from decades ago are trickling into town for the Kill City Book release..that will be my next post. A real old squatter reunion is going to happen this week..I will see people i have missed for years now and I am beyond excited! Then the Crumbs come in on the 8th and we kick off MOCCA fest with a private gig with Crumb on the 9th...super big deal and should get some mentions in the papers and such maybe...Aline Crumb is a guestt of honor at Mocca this year. I am fitting in practicing for the 9th with seeing friends and going to shows all week too...busy and fun time...some incredible news to announce about some band stuff too..and travel...BUT every day I go to east 7th st and stand with the crowd and watch. I cant believe that corner is gone..and the stores around it. Those were my stores. I think I bought beer at Sam's deli when I was still too young to drink. This hit way too close to home...I love second ave and I am scared for B&H dairy...I will be spending all my money at the stores effected by this until I leave for Europe in July. Will I see some shiny glass condos on my block in a year? What will happen? Gathering some donations for the red cross this week..and I look for the 3 missing cats every day. I will happily take them in until the owners are settled.
Here are some pics I took the other night...The bottom two pics I swiped off of evgrieve's site.

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