Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tragic fire at 121 2nd avenue today.

I was at home getting dressed and practicing some music before I went out to do some errands on 2nd  Ave when I heard a muffled bang outside my window. I peeked out and it was eerily quiet and then suddenly insanely loud and the 9th precinct came to life. Fire trucks came screeching down the street and I smelled gas and smoke so I texted my friend i was going to check it out. Turned out it was a gas line explosion at 121 2nd Ave...that spread to 123 and 119 is STILL on fire after over 7 hours now.
It is international news and i took a ton of photos and some video. Not sure my iPhone video shows up on this blog platform so I am going to just post the pics I took throughout the day starting at around 4pm to 10pm. Besides burning eyes and a wicked headache I am fine. Just feel bad about the shops and the people who lost their home. has all kinds of information and footage of the day and is the best place to go to for up to date news. But I will post the pics i took here. There are about 15 of them in all..maybe more. I am really sad about this. I woke up and was scrambling to do french homework and practice and do a million things at once but once this happened I spent the day following it. Smoke is still all over my block and people have masks on or shirts tied around their faces. I think The Standard Hotel is putting people up for free for three nights who lived in one of those buildings. I always worry about the pets too. So far no deaths have been reported which is really amazing.


  1. Thanks, Eden. I always worry about the pets too. I heard one report from someone who lived in the building with her husband and a roommate who said her roommate called her and said she tried to get the cat but he or she ran away when she went to pick up. Then she left. (too sad but maybe by some miracle the cat got out.) I wonder about other pets in the building... hoping all the people got out too. Great photos. Really capture the essence of how it feels there. Take care.

  2. Sago tweet I did got over 50 retweets from some folks like evgrieve and others who have 100k followers...maybe this cat will be found! Sago is a missing siamese from the buildings.