Monday, April 27, 2015

Tiddly Winks.

Fuck it's been a busy month! So many people came into town, so many shows and events happening and it's still going strong. This week Aline Crumb came back to NYC with her friend from France to show him around. We went to Csquat where Aline tagged the wall and just walked around the LES and east village as her friend has never seen that area before. He was shocked when he was told at Cafe Pick Me Up he could not smoke outside. When he went to smoke a few feet away he was told he could not bring his drink or chair so he sat on a bucket and looked like he was panhandling. France is not like the new NYC that's for sure! You just do whatever you want there pretty much especially when it comes to smoking and drinking. Took some pics of random weird stuff to post up...
This week I work on French as I have two classes worth it to take that class! I could actually understand enough french now to know what Aline and her friend were saying to each other and even join in with a sentence or two. That felt great!
John and I will be making our Save NYC video for Vanishing NY's website and Jeremiah's campaign.
Some exciting stuff coming up for us and the band soon...John's book looks like it found a publisher and they want to include 4 cd's in it...of our music, Crumb's music and lots of 78's from both of their collections. It's going to be a doozy and GREAT publicity for us!
AnyWawaHut, here's some SHTUFF from the past week...Aline's drawing at C, Dave vending on Ave A with some "SHiT" for sale...I already got John twice with that fake poop.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I was saying boo-urns!

AHHH! It was 81 degrees yesterday and this maketh me joyous! I feel too fat and pasty to lay out in the sun in the park still but soon...soon..soon!
I feel like I haven't sat down for two weeks now. First the big squatter reunion Kill City stuff, then the Crumbs came, then my Swedish relatives were in NYC, this weekend was the anarchist book fair and after party at Csquat and John and I are going to hit the Brooklyn Folk Fest today as it's the final day. Then Aline Crumb comes back on wednesday for a few weeks so that will be fun. I didn't fall too far behind in French class and I started up my guitar lessons again so it's kinda good to get back to what I was doing all winter before April came. This summer so far we are going to France, then Liverpool, then Dublin which is awesome. Liverpool excites me so much for the cheesy Beatles tours and they have a freaking John Lennon airport. COME ON!
AnySkank, gotta head out to BK soon but here are some pics of some stuff. Everyone likes stuff! I hit a play by the Living Theatre at midnight on Friday after a show at Sidewalk cafe which was fun...there is just so much going on and all at the same time. I am having a blast but I'm so tired I really just need to watch Game of Thrones later and then sleep the next few days and work on French. I need some rainy crappier weather to keep my inside doing stuff so I am happy some is coming our way. I leave my place at noon and i don't get back til 2am. And I have not even broken my sobriety yet! SOON!
We got super drunk man resting comfortably on a car...some flyers a desperate girl was posting up by Theatre 80 in the hopes that Patti Smith would call her..a pic of the Living Theatre play...that wacky car with two birds in the front seats...a band playing at Csquat last night for the anarchist book fest post party which later turned into a dance old pic of my best friend Erin and I in front of Csquat when we were younger...neither of us even recognized ourselves in that pic. We were making fun of the girls and then Erin was like, Wait-that's us! And people dancing to Morgan O'kane and his banjo at C last night...

Monday, April 13, 2015

MOCCA fest and Aline Crumb's panel

Great week with the Crumbs has ended tonight with some TV ISIS beheading video which was horrific, Going Clear which was insane and the season premier of Game of Thrones. We were asked to play the benefit at Theatre 80 for the 2nd Avenue fire with Patti Smith but the Crumbs were busy all day and so were we with John's family in from Sweden. So we skipped it for TV yay!
I went to MOCCA on Saturday and saw some of Aline's panel and Q and A then sat with her while she signed some books. Was really fun then went right from that to hanging with my nieces and walking around the hood.
Today was the first Sunday it really felt like spring and man, the park was nuts! Saw like a hundred people I knew and I am so excited it's getting warm finally. Been in a great mood all day with this weather! Plus, all the awesome stuff this month has brought of course...this week life goes back to "normal" and I have a ton of French to catch up on and a lot of guitar stuff to do too. Life is damn good. It's like suddenly the long winter is being made up for and things are just going perfectly with great news rolling in every week...
AnyWhoop, here are some pics from MOCCA and Aline in the illuminati dress I gave her. Looks great! It's okay, I have a tighter, sluttier one i am going to bust out when I hit my goal weight. One thing about winter was I ate way too much...happy to be back to my exercise regime this week. So when you see any pics of me on here just imagine I am 5lbs less which I am now. Also, send me one million dollars. Thanks in advance!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Gig with Robert Crumb at the Society of Illustrators for MOCCA fest!

Well, I have pics from my phone, pics my sister took with full videos from the show...and I am sure some pro pics will be up on flickr and everywhere soon so I am just going to make my next few posts a big mess of photos and videos from all the events going on. It's just so overwhelming and Aline will be signing at Mocca fest tomorrow all day so then i will have MORE pics from that too...
So for now I will just post a bunch...and just keep going all weekend when I have time to post more...
What a great night we had last night! It was PACKED and everyone sounded great and had a blast! Crumb even got a piggy back ride from some random girl! I think my sis took a pic of that. Classic!

Monday, April 6, 2015


I cannot even begin to go into how great this week was! So many old friends came into town to see Ashley Thayer's Kill City book release event and a punk show the next night. Man, I love my friends and i miss the old days! I never wanted kids and I still don't. My name for kids is Little Life Ruiners cause once you have them that is your life! But I LOVE seeing my friends kids! The teens are taller than me and are punk already! Good to know that another generation of freaks are being raised! They were so great!
I did not use my real camera to take pics and videos...I did not want to be busy documenting things and not fully be a part of them. WAY too many friends in town to do that and far too much went on all weekend. Ending with the huge pillow fight in Washington Square Park where the kids attacked reporters and people attacked a cop and it was just so great...whole week was incredible and it's finally spring!
Crumbs get in tomorrow night and another great week begins! I will take more pics and videos this time...We kick off MOCCA fest with a gig thursday and I am beyond excited! Plus other great news is happening...more trips and more stuff being picked up for brain is full of good news and I am loving life lately. And it's just barely begun! I knew 2015 would be a great year.
So here are some pics and videos in random order from my weekend...disco part post punk show, kids attacking a reporter with pillows, pics from the slideshow and just about everything all mashed up together...I have to practice for the gig now and keep up with my French studies so this is the best I can do right now!