Friday, April 10, 2015

Gig with Robert Crumb at the Society of Illustrators for MOCCA fest!

Well, I have pics from my phone, pics my sister took with full videos from the show...and I am sure some pro pics will be up on flickr and everywhere soon so I am just going to make my next few posts a big mess of photos and videos from all the events going on. It's just so overwhelming and Aline will be signing at Mocca fest tomorrow all day so then i will have MORE pics from that too...
So for now I will just post a bunch...and just keep going all weekend when I have time to post more...
What a great night we had last night! It was PACKED and everyone sounded great and had a blast! Crumb even got a piggy back ride from some random girl! I think my sis took a pic of that. Classic!

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  1. Gaaaah! I wish I'd known about this! I was in NYC just last week! Double gaaaah!

    Everyone looks great (swell dress, Eden!).