Sunday, April 19, 2015

I was saying boo-urns!

AHHH! It was 81 degrees yesterday and this maketh me joyous! I feel too fat and pasty to lay out in the sun in the park still but soon...soon..soon!
I feel like I haven't sat down for two weeks now. First the big squatter reunion Kill City stuff, then the Crumbs came, then my Swedish relatives were in NYC, this weekend was the anarchist book fair and after party at Csquat and John and I are going to hit the Brooklyn Folk Fest today as it's the final day. Then Aline Crumb comes back on wednesday for a few weeks so that will be fun. I didn't fall too far behind in French class and I started up my guitar lessons again so it's kinda good to get back to what I was doing all winter before April came. This summer so far we are going to France, then Liverpool, then Dublin which is awesome. Liverpool excites me so much for the cheesy Beatles tours and they have a freaking John Lennon airport. COME ON!
AnySkank, gotta head out to BK soon but here are some pics of some stuff. Everyone likes stuff! I hit a play by the Living Theatre at midnight on Friday after a show at Sidewalk cafe which was fun...there is just so much going on and all at the same time. I am having a blast but I'm so tired I really just need to watch Game of Thrones later and then sleep the next few days and work on French. I need some rainy crappier weather to keep my inside doing stuff so I am happy some is coming our way. I leave my place at noon and i don't get back til 2am. And I have not even broken my sobriety yet! SOON!
We got super drunk man resting comfortably on a car...some flyers a desperate girl was posting up by Theatre 80 in the hopes that Patti Smith would call her..a pic of the Living Theatre play...that wacky car with two birds in the front seats...a band playing at Csquat last night for the anarchist book fest post party which later turned into a dance old pic of my best friend Erin and I in front of Csquat when we were younger...neither of us even recognized ourselves in that pic. We were making fun of the girls and then Erin was like, Wait-that's us! And people dancing to Morgan O'kane and his banjo at C last night...

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