Monday, April 13, 2015

MOCCA fest and Aline Crumb's panel

Great week with the Crumbs has ended tonight with some TV ISIS beheading video which was horrific, Going Clear which was insane and the season premier of Game of Thrones. We were asked to play the benefit at Theatre 80 for the 2nd Avenue fire with Patti Smith but the Crumbs were busy all day and so were we with John's family in from Sweden. So we skipped it for TV yay!
I went to MOCCA on Saturday and saw some of Aline's panel and Q and A then sat with her while she signed some books. Was really fun then went right from that to hanging with my nieces and walking around the hood.
Today was the first Sunday it really felt like spring and man, the park was nuts! Saw like a hundred people I knew and I am so excited it's getting warm finally. Been in a great mood all day with this weather! Plus, all the awesome stuff this month has brought of course...this week life goes back to "normal" and I have a ton of French to catch up on and a lot of guitar stuff to do too. Life is damn good. It's like suddenly the long winter is being made up for and things are just going perfectly with great news rolling in every week...
AnyWhoop, here are some pics from MOCCA and Aline in the illuminati dress I gave her. Looks great! It's okay, I have a tighter, sluttier one i am going to bust out when I hit my goal weight. One thing about winter was I ate way too much...happy to be back to my exercise regime this week. So when you see any pics of me on here just imagine I am 5lbs less which I am now. Also, send me one million dollars. Thanks in advance!

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